Tango on Glass

Considering the latest Video about Googles Project Tango ( I am really looking forward what else could be done with an all-sensor-device like this.

Imagine Google Glass being paired to Project Tango while measuring a living room. Your next IKEA shelf could be virtually customized in no-time. The shelf immediately shows up in front of your screen. No more worries whether something actually fits or not. You acutely wouldn’t need Glass for that…

Imagine two or more Project Tango devices pointing towards one live scene from various angles. *Bazzing* There you have real 3D live video! The observer is no more strictly bound to the camera. Google Glass could make you part of that live audience even if you are miles away.

You’ll need a fast three-dimensional overview of the area where you’re actually staying? No problem: 1) and 2) Drones in conjunction with Project Tango can become the third eye for passangers. A real compagnion — not just for military use but even for hikers, rescue teams, outdoor craftsmen or everyone else who has to deal with “undocumented environments”.

The “where no man has gone before” in urbanized terrain.

What else can you think of? I am really looking forward seeing Project Tango or Google Glass by myself. Maybe this years Google I/O might held some surprises under every participants seats…

P.S.: Some more things which came into mind: 1) Near real time Google Maps 2) Mass indoor mapping 3) Real world Street View mapping w/o disturbing people or cars (all moving obstacles are to be hidden — today’s Street View Cars can hardly track that).